Leadership and Policy

Ideas for handling increasing pupil numbers

Is your school site constrained? Is your school roll rising? From travel plans to making the most of your playground space, National Leader of Education Helen Frostick discusses how to cope with increasing pupil numbers when space is already tight

Leadership profile: A head by the age of 30

When Diane Compton first told her friends that she wanted to be a headteacher by the time she was 30, they thought she was joking. Now at 32 and well into her first headship, she explains to Suzanne O’Connell how she got there

The DNA of effective schools

Ofsted guidelines change constantly, and while they do give schools something to focus on, research has shown that effectiveness comes from a set of fundamental principles that improve outcomes in all areas. Liam Donnison explains

What should your leadership vision look like?

What is your school’s vision? Is it memorable and does it inspire and drive your colleagues? Sonia Gill explains the importance of a school’s vision and asks five key questions about yours

What will this year hold for character education?

The government has thrown its backing behind character education, with a national awards and financial grants. Suzanne O'Connell looks at how schools might embrace and prioritise this agenda in the year ahead

Case study: Getting from special measures to good...

The start of a new school year and the beginning of a new headship is always challenging – certainly if you are charged with pulling your school out of special measures. Suzanne O'Connell speaks to Jonathan Brookes about his experience last year and seeks advice for those facing similar situations

Your first steps in your first headship

Taking up your first headship can be a daunting experience. Headteacher and National Leader of Education Helen Frostick looks at some of the short-term goals you should focus on to help you hit the ground running

Executive headship: A changing landscape

A new national network has been set up for executive headteachers. As more and more are appointed, Fiona Aubrey-Smith looks at the challenges of this emerging role in education

Staff wellbeing and mental health

Brian Taylor looks at new recommendations from NICE about the mental health and wellbeing of your staff and discusses how Employee Assistance Programmes may be able to help

The risks of social networking

Social media has brought a new way of communicating into our schools. It has also brought a risk of us sharing too much. Suzanne O'Connell seeks expert advice for school leaders

The six Rs of a successful school

What are the key tenets of a successful school? Anton Junior School is an Ofsted outstanding school in every area, with a long waiting list and excellent results. Headteacher of 12 years, Tom Donohoe, outlines the six Rs of his leadership and education philosophy – recruitment, responsibility, ...

A guide to subject leadership

What does subject leadership look like in a primary school environment? Headteacher John Tilley discusses the introduction of defined principles and approaches for subject leadership in his school, including a Subject Leader Guide

Fundraising: Proving a project is needed

When looking to secure funding for your school, a key challenge is successfully arguing a need for your project and deciding who should lead your grant fundraising efforts. John Ellery offers his advice

Effective relationships with your governors

The effectiveness of governing bodies is now strongly linked to school improvement and successful inspection outcomes. Harry James considers some of the basics of strong relationships between leadership and governors

SEND reform – what has been achieved?

The SEND Code of Practice is full of high hopes and good intentions. Almost a year on from its publication, are these now translating into the SEND provision that had been anticipated? We look at the unfolding of SEND reform in our schools

Brindishe Schools: The power of three...

A tour of a family of three Ofsted outstanding schools in London uncovers some of their secrets to success, including a curriculum tailored to cater for diverse communities. Fiona Aubrey-Smith explains

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