Alongside our best practice section, Headteacher Update features regular news and news analysis articles to keep school leaders up-to-date with the latest policy and sector developments. Our news pieces attempt to tackle issues of direct relevance to primary school educators and offer something different to the mainstream media.

Free school pledge is 'scandalous'

The Conservative Party's pledge to open a further 500 free schools during the next Parliament, should they win the General Election outright, has been attacked as "scandalous" at a time of wider education cuts.

Uniform costs hit £251 a year

Campaigners have called for cap on 'rip-off' school uniform costs, as specialist suppliers, high prices and having to buy numerous items leave many families struggling to keep up. Pete Henshaw reports

Call for overhaul of 'ineffective' Ofsted

Ofsted inspections are 'ineffective' and put children's education 'at risk'. The claim has come as a teaching union publishes its own proposals detailing how school inspection should be radically overhauled. Pete Henshaw takes a look.

Call for publication of asbestos review

Campaigners lobbying for the removal of asbestos from schools are calling on ministers to finally release a report into the management of the substance after a delay of eight months to its publication.

The childhood challenges of the 21st century

The latest findings of the Millennium Cohort Study, which is following the lives of children born at the turn of the century, reveal the challenges of modern childhood, including poverty, obesity and fractured families. Despite this, the study finds that children are happy with life, family and ...

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