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Extra stand-alone classroom space can be both cost-effective and inspirational, according to the experts at TG Escapes.

Pressure on space and budgets

Many schools are experiencing significant increases in registrations at a time when their budgets are under severe pressure. Lacking the foresight to see how long lived the rise in pupil numbers will be, or the likelihood of a large capital injection, many schools are creating extra teaching space using temporary, modular classrooms. These structures are considerably more time and cost effective than a traditional extension to the main school buildings, and create significantly less disruption to the daily life of a school already operating at full capacity.

Typically, the notion of a modular classroom conjures an image of an unsightly, uninspiring pre-fab mobile structure that is lifted by crane into any spot that is easily accessible. However, for no extra cost there are alternatives available, whereby your school can acquire a permanent, bright and inspirational learning facility. The Learning Escape by TG Escapes, provide bespoke modular classroom designs with full project management, working to tight budget and time constraints, creating minimal disturbance.

Modular construction process saves time and disruption

Much of the construction occurs in a central manufacturing facility, eliminating on-site mess and waste and keeping materials safe from theft and the elements. While the modules are assembled elsewhere, on-site work such as foundation preparation and amenity connection can occur simultaneously, reducing both the construction period and labour costs. Furthermore, the fewer people and the less equipment needed on location, the quicker, quieter and safer the process, resulting in considerably less disruption.

Eco classrooms provide inspiring spaces

A bespoke design provider can ensure that the interior suits the intended use whilst, externally, the modular units can be designed to complement the aesthetics of existing buildings and to fit with their natural surroundings. In addition, the classrooms can be positioned in an optimal, user defined position that may well be inaccessible to a more typical pre-fabricated structure.

Buildings can be easily expanded

A flexible design and build process will also have the advantage of accommodating future needs as they (and the funding) materialise. Using a supplier with a specialist architect can allow for a project to be undertaken in several stages. For example, TG Escapes began construction of a large two storey block of classrooms for Woolwich Polytechnic Secondary School in 2014. The first module provided eight classrooms to accommodate 210 students: phases 2 and 3 were completed last year and the finished building now provides teaching space for 600 pupils.

Reduced running costs

Aside from reducing the building cost of additional classroom space, a well-designed modular build can also have the added advantage of substantially reducing running costs. Typically, older buildings are expensive to heat and poorly insulated: extending them will result in a rise in the fuel bill proportionate to the increased floor space. Using a modular provider with high energy efficiency credentials, can slash the day-to-day running costs, while adding in features like sun pipes, intelligent lighting and solar panels will not only save money but can be designed to be energy cost neutral.

Inspiring spaces improve learning outcomes

It is also worth considering how good classroom design can enhance the learning and teaching experience as many TG Escapes school customers testify. Smart use of the very latest in eco-friendly materials, methods and technologies not only results in ecologically sound and sustainable buildings, but can also provide a naturally lit, tranquil learning space that both improves concentration and establishes a vital connection with nature.

The basic principles of sustainability and environmental citizenship are naturally and seamlessly imparted to pupils, while easy access to the outdoors allows for younger children to flow freely between the indoors and outside, and encourages outdoor learning for students of all ages.

If you are in a situation where time and budget are of the essence, there really is no need to settle for an old style mobile modular classroom. There are modern alternatives that offer great value for money and fast build schedules. Pick the right provider offering a bespoke, turnkey solution and staff will not need to get embroiled in project management. They merely need to decide what they require of their new classroom and look forward to teaching in a fantastic space.

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