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How to spend the PE and Sport Premium

The DfE has confirmed the PE and Sport Premium funding for two more years and new guidance is imminent. Kate Thornton-Bousfield from the Youth Sport Trust advises how to spend the funds strategically

Ofsted subject review: A focus on science

Ofsted has begun publishing its series of subject reports, with science the first discipline under scrutiny. Suzanne O’Connell considers the report’s main messages (and warnings) for primary schools

A trio of challenges: Preparing EAL learners for transition

Transition from year 6 to 7 is a challenging time for all pupils, especially for those using English as an additional language. Sarah Moodie offers ideas, tips, resources and advice for how we can prepare our EAL pupils to make the move this September

Top 10 tips for... Year 6 to 7 transition

It can be a tense time for parents and pupils as the end of year 6 approaches. What should your transition planning look like and how can you ensure pupils have the best start possible in year 7? Suzanne O’Connell offers 10 ideas to ensure a smooth transition – both this year and next

Avoiding Afro hair discrimination in school

There are many examples of pupils with Afro hairstyles and textures being illegally discriminated against in school uniform policies. Ann Marie Christian looks at how we can avoid this

Top 10 tips for... Reception to year 1 transition

When children arrive in reception it is a carefully thought-out process with lots of preparation. But it could be argued that the move from reception to year 1 gets less attention. Suzanne O’Connell gives us 10 suggestions for making it smoother

Developing and maintaining your school leadership team

School leadership teams contain a wide variety of roles. But what are the options and how can we ensure we all work together in the best interests of pupils? Suzanne O’Connell talks to one school about creating an effective leadership team

Safeguarding priorities and safer recruitment

What steps can your school take to strengthen safer recruitment and to keep on top of emerging safeguarding issues? With a focus on addressing issues of child-on-child abuse, James Simoniti advises

Task design in lessons: A framework for analysis

In this two-part article, Robbie Burns looks how to design effective tasks in your lessons. After looking at task planning and delivery, in part two he turns his attention to how we can evaluate the impact of our learning tasks

Effective questioning in the classroom: Three types

How well do teachers use questioning to improve understanding, assess and deepen learning in your primary school? Anoara Mughal considers effective techniques, with lots of example questions teachers can pick up and use

Top 10 tips for... sustainable school food

As part of our work to move our schools to net zero, what can we do with regards to school food to reduce waste and the carbon footprint of our canteens? Richard Dunne offers 10 ideas

School transport provision: An overview

What does the law expect of schools and local authorities in providing transport to pupils? How can schools challenge unsatisfactory arrangements? Nabil Dance tackles the legal requirements and practical elements that schools should be aware of

Curriculum K: Teaching and embedding life-skills

How can primary schools embed the skills children need to thrive? Headteacher Ben Levinson shares how schools in The Tapscott Learning Trust tackle this challenge, focusing in particular on eight key skills

Task design: Five pedagogical habits to maximise learning

Students really begin to learn when they take on challenging tasks during their lessons, making task design a crucial element of teaching pedagogy and practice. In this two-part article, Robbie Burns looks how to design effective tasks

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