Leadership and Policy

Leading from the middle

The Teaching Leaders charity exists to support and develop middle leaders in schools working in challenging circumstances across England and is expanding its role in primary schools. James Toop explains more about the programme

Primary schools selecting by stealth

With more schools becoming their own admission authorities there are increasing concerns about the complexity and exclusivity that the new system is creating – with one report suggesting that more than 1,500 primaries are now highly socially selective. Suzanne O’Connell looks at the evidence

Diary of a Parent: Sexism? At age 6?!

In a new regular feature for Headteacher Update, we get the view from the other side of the school gate. What do parents think about the many issues affecting education – from policy and leadership to the curriculum, testing and pastoral issues?

Dealing with issues of conduct

There are times as a manager or school leader when the behaviour of a colleague needs to be addressed. Sonia Gill offers some advice on approaching these sensitive conversations professionally

The White Paper: ‘There’s no reverse gear’

You won’t have missed the publication of the latest education White Paper, Education Excellence Everywhere. It sets the seal on what’s been rolled out over the past six years and what’s in store for the coming five. Suzanne O’Connell outlines 10 of its strongest themes

School fundraising: Auction Nights and other ideas

If you get it right, school fundraising events can be among the highest earners in terms of additional income. Tom Donohoe discusses his most successful event – the Auction Night – as well as a few other ideas to bring together your wider community in support of the school

Stress: Keeping your head above water as a school leader

As a headteacher, James Hilton fell victim to the huge stress that can affect many school leaders. He now spends his time helping education professionals to recognise and overcome the symptoms of stress. It is a theme tackled in his new book – Leading From the Edge. We invited him to offer some ...

Best practice: Spending the Sport Premium

Making good use of the PE and Sport Premium is a key challenge for England’s primary schools – especially as it looks like the funding will be around for some years yet. Suzanne O’Connell looks at new research into the best practices that are emerging

Starting your first headship

Establishing yourself as a new headteacher is a daunting task. Colin McLean asks primary head Steph Gaskell to share her personal perspectives on how to handle this challenge effectively

Crisis management: After the floods have come

There are some crises that school leaders never expect to handle, but when Rachel Burton saw her school building devastated by the December floods, a rapid response was needed. She spoke to Suzanne O’Connell

Leadership succession: Give us a ‘Heads Up’

A report from the Future Leaders Trust has identified some of the key barriers that are stopping talented leaders from stepping up to headship, including the poor reputation of the role. Heath Monk issues a call to action

Tackling sensitive subjects

Talking about sensitive news stories and difficult issues with primary pupils can be challenging. Deputy head Helen Crowther explains the value of bringing current affairs into the classroom and how the staff deal with those tougher subjects to discuss

Case study: The Lowestoft Hub

Many see collaboration as being key to system-wide improvement. Andrew Redman discusses how one hub of schools is working together in Lowestoft, helping to overcome many of the challenges faced by their coastal communities

Fearless leadership

Taking over a primary school that has underperformed for 30 years requires a certain kind of leadership. Headteacher Benedick Ashmore-Short explains

Character education: Virtue

In a new series of best practice articles exploring character education, expert Matt Bawden asks what aspects of character should be central to our education system and details a new DfE-backed pilot project to teach character through the curriculum

Case study: Collaboration breeds consistency

Collaboration is seen by many as being key to school improvement across our education system. Laura McPhee reports from Hawksmoor Primary School, who have been working in partnership with Morden Mount Primary since 2013

Finding the funding for school expansion

With growing pupil rolls, expansion is a priority for many schools – however, finance is a key consideration. Gareth Barber opens up the school place debate and looks into what funding options are on the table for those looking to upsize

Supporting teaching staff who are struggling

Most headteachers will have to tackle underperformance at some point. Sonia Gill advises on the techniques and approaches that are likely to be successful for the teacher and the school.

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