Online event: National Curriculum Design & Ofsted Conference

The First National Curriculum Design Conference will offer a range of advice on meeting Ofsted’s intent, implementation and impact requirements when it takes place online in January.

The online event is taking place on Wednesday and Thursday, January 20 and 21 from 2:30pm to 6pm each day.

The first day of the conference focuses on whole-school and subject-specific curriculum design. We will look to bust some of the myths of curriculum planning and intent and we will draw upon the research evidence to help delegates evaluate their own school’s work.
We open with The six steps of curriculum design, led by Matt Bromley, an experienced teacher and former school leader and author of School and College Curriculum Design.

The opening day will also have a session from David Gardner, a curriculum design specialist, a former QCA curriculum advisor, and a former school leader, who will be looking at how to plan a coherent and sequenced subject curriculum from five to 18.

Other sessions on day one include building a curriculum centred in your school community, and making your curriculum accessible for vulnerable learners.

The second day will offer two programmes, one tailored to primary education and one for secondary schools, with each offering four, school-led, practical workshops. Workshop topics will include:

  • Research-based curriculum design.
  • Empowered teachers and subject leadership.
  • CPD as part of curriculum design and delivery.
  • Building a curriculum centred in your school community.
  • What we mean by creative curriculum.
  • Curriculum and transition points (Reception to GCSE).
  • Catering for vulnerable learners.
  • The pastoral curriculum.

All speakers have been asked to focus on practical strategies that can be adapted and adopted for your school’s unique circumstances. All presentations will be available to view on-demand for three months after the conference and the conference will also feature Q&A and networking opportunities.