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Exclusion: Falling into the gaps?

The renewed focus on issues of school exclusion and off-rolling is welcome. Anna Feuchtwang says that the time has come for schools and policy-makers to reflect on why the exclusions system seems to be going off the rails...

‘It is not just what the law says, it is the right thing to do’

The angry and intimidating protests in Birmingham against primary schools running the No Outsiders programme and teaching equal rights are deeply concerning. Paul Whiteman reminds us that every school has a duty to eliminate discrimination and sends a message to protestors, schools and ministers...

Make time for wellbeing

Strong and positive leadership is at the heart of whole-school wellbeing, enabling staff to handle the pressure of the job, says Richard Faulkner

Funding, inspection and statistics...

It is hard to know what 2019 will bring. Continued challenge and change is perhaps the only thing we can bank on. Paul Whiteman looks ahead to 2019, but you won’t find him making any predictions...

Facing up to the Baseline Assessment

As the government ignores the wealth of opposition to push ahead with its reformed plans for Baseline Assessment, Joyce Connor gives us a view from the early years

Supporting support staff

It is not just teachers who are feeling under pressure at the moment. Julian Stanley reports on the problems facing support staff in an era of ever-shrinking school budgets

The Mental Health Green Paper

Schools are front and centre in the new child mental health proposals, but these plans will need to be honed and implemented swiftly if they are to address the current crisis, argues Anna Feuchtwang

The equality of opportunity

Governments talk often of ‘social mobility’ and ‘narrowing the gaps’ and schools have a clear role to play. But without two crucial ingredients – funding and teachers – we will not make progress, warns Anne Lyons

No more hero heads

The hero head model is discredited and dangerous. Julian Stanley urges school leaders to adopt a ‘first among equals’ approach and safeguard their own wellbeing

All eyes on Westminster...

The Chancellor will deliver his Autumn Budget on November 22. Anne Lyons says all eyes will be on Westminster to see if the government finally acts to ease the huge pressure on schools’ finances

School funding: You couldn't make it up

As the government continues to parrot its line that school funding is ‘at record levels’, frustration and anger is growing. What hope for an honest debate ahead of June 8, asks Pete Henshaw

The term-time holiday debate

The recent High Court ruling in favour of a parent who pulled his daughter out of school for a family holiday has got headteacher Paul Wyllie thinking...

Pupil Premium: The elephant in the room

The Pupil Premium is the core strategy for closing the achievement gap and tackling the stark effects of poverty on educational outcomes. But there is an elephant in the room – not every eligible child gets the funding. Pete Henshaw joins the calls for this to change

Plan for more testing is a backwards step

The move for yet more testing into our school system is a backwards step. We should be scrapping most exams, not introducing new ones, argues Headteacher Update editor Pete Henshaw

Child poverty pledge 'significantly off track'

With 3.7 million children still living in poverty, Megan Jarvie warns ministers who might be tempted to welcome the latest figures showing that child poverty has not risen in the past year

Offensive Education Bill completely misses the point

The Education Bill is an offensive piece of legislation that shows a complete lack of respect for the teaching profession – it also completely misses the point. Headteacher Update editor Pete Henshaw explains.

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