Alongside our best practice section, Headteacher Update features regular news and news analysis articles to keep school leaders up-to-date with the latest policy and sector developments. Our news pieces attempt to tackle issues of direct relevance to primary school educators and offer something different to the mainstream media.

Pressure mounts over crisis in SEND funding

The conclusion from MPs’ inquiry into SEND looks set to be critical of how the 2014 reforms are working in practice. Funding is the core issue and last month thousands of parents took to the streets in protest. The DfE has launched a call for evidence on funding arrangements, but the pressure is ...

Children with speech and language needs face postcode lottery

Despite a government pledge to tackle the “word gap” between rich and poor children, the amount being spent to support a child with speech and language difficulties varies from as little as £31 to as much as £291 a year depending on where they live.

Exclusions Review: The implications for primary schools

Schools exclusions are on the rise and while the spotlight is on secondary schools, the issue is increasingly affecting primary education. The Timpson Review of School Exclusion has investigated the reasons behind the trend and has published its recommendations. Suzanne O’Connell considers its ...

Taking the mental health message to Westminster

The mental health problems facing young people are clear and present to anyone working in primary education. Andy Mellor recently took on a four-day cycle to Westminster to raise awareness of the issue

No parent veto over the relationships curriculum

Schools must consult their parents over the content of the new relationships education curriculum, but this does not give a ‘parental veto’, the education secretary has reminded us. Pete Henshaw reports

Ballot planned over 2020 SATs boycott

Members of the National Education Union have backed plans that could lead to a boycott of “all high-stakes summative testing within primary schools”, including next year’s SATs.

Absence: Parent penalty notice system under fire

With the latest figures showing a rise in unauthorised school absence, school leaders have warned that the current system of parental fines ‘drives a wedge between schools and families’ when the real problem is holiday pricing. Pete Henshaw reports

School funding: Ministers must end their ‘institutional deafness’

Just days after MPs debated the school funding crisis, it is revealed that school leaders have written to millions of families to warn of the negative impact of budget cuts on school provision. Pete Henshaw reports on the growing pressure for ministers to act over school funding.

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