Editorial Comment: A betrayal of childhood

What would an alien from Mars with no vested or financial interest say about British education on arriving here? Former children’s commissioner Sir Al Aynsley-Green tackles this question in his new book
Best Practice

Tackling cyber-bullying

Understanding the nature of cyber-bullying and what can be done to support pupils is a vital part ...

Mental health support

Resources have been released to support teachers and school staff when it comes to issues of pupil ...



What is the biggest challenge facing primary schools?

VOTE Testing & Assessment (15%)

VOTE Inspection & Accountability (19%)

VOTE Pupil Mental Health & Wellbeing (7%)

VOTE Pupil Behaviour (7%)

VOTE Government Policy (42%)

VOTE Curriculum Reform (0%)

VOTE Safeguarding (2%)

VOTE Teacher Retention (4%)

VOTE Teacher Recruitment (2%)

VOTE Other (2%)

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