The battle to take back control of the curriculum

With the momentum growing behind evidence and research-based teaching practice, arguments to give back control of the curriculum to the profession are becoming louder – led, perhaps surprisingly, by Ofsted’s chief inspector...

Editorial Comment: We need a better alternative

There are clear flaws in the system of pupil referral units and alternative provision. The time is right for the government to lead a root and branch review
Best Practice

Keeping Children Safe


Safeguarding expert Sam Preston introduces SSS Learning's courses to support schools with their ...



What is the biggest challenge facing primary schools?

VOTE Testing & Assessment (6%)

VOTE Inspection & Accountability (24%)

VOTE Pupil Mental Health & Wellbeing (12%)

VOTE Pupil Behaviour (0%)

VOTE Government Policy (35%)

VOTE Curriculum Reform (0%)

VOTE Safeguarding (5%)

VOTE Teacher Retention (6%)

VOTE Teacher Recruitment (6%)

VOTE Other (5%)

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