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Because it’s worth it: Finding values in subject disciplines

Values are at the heart of education and can be delivered through the subjects we teach. Ahead of her curriculum design workshop at Headteacher Update's Curriculum Excellence Conference in January, Bridget Knight offers some reflections and pointers

Why do we do it? Teaching is an honourable profession and most of us feel a great sense of pride in the job we do. However, we can also feel that our best intentions become submerged in the hurly-burly of school life, with its many and increasing pressures and distractions.

The struggles around teacher recruitment, retention and wellbeing are well known. But we also know that the correlation between job satisfaction and professional wellbeing is a strong one.

So, let’s just take a moment to remind ourselves what is at the source of our work. As teachers, we are motivated by the desire to ignite something in others that we have felt ourselves. We want our students to love the subjects we teach and to see their beauty, both for their own sake and for what we know they can contribute to their lives and the world.

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