The Headteacher Update Podcast offers practical and useful advise, ideas and insights to support the work of primary school senior and middle leaders. Out on the first Wednesday of every month, each episode features a panel of school leaders discussing best practice relevant to the primary phase.

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Headteacher Update Podcast: How to have difficult leadership conversations

This episode considers how school leaders can navigate difficult conversations that often need to take place with staff, parents and others, with lots of tips and examples of effective approaches

Headteacher Update Podcast: Self-evaluation in the primary school

This episode considers simple yet effective ways of conducting high-impact self-evaluation in your primary school in order to support high standards and drive school improvement while also meeting Ofsted expectations.

Headteacher Update Podcast: Community out-reach & engaging with external agencies

This episode advises primary schools on how to engage with the different statutory and non-statutory agencies working to support pupils, especially our most vulnerable.

Headteacher Update Podcast: Evaluating and developing your school’s curriculum

This episode identifies the key aspects of effective and purposeful curriculum evaluation in primary schools, looking at curriculum development, teacher workload, supporting disadvantaged pupils, meeting Ofsted expectations, and more.

Headteacher Update Podcast: School leadership in difficult circumstances

This episode looks at how to be an effective school leader during challenging and difficult circumstances – both expected and unexpected. Three experienced leaders discuss how to lead and manage these situations, how to lead under pressure, and specific examples.

Headteacher Update Podcast: Outdoor learning

This episode is packed full of advice, ideas, and tips for delivering effective and impactful outdoor learning in the primary school.

Headteacher Update Podcast: Coaching & mentoring for school staff

This episode focuses on the use of coaching and mentoring approaches to support the professional development of teaching staff in schools, including important principles to keep in mind, some different models to use, and useful tips.

Headteacher Update Podcast: Improving primary school attendance

This episode looks at how primary schools can boost pupil attendance, including tackling persistent absenteeism and supporting families, with lots of practical ideas, tips and insights from three school leaders

Headteacher Update Podcast: Effective middle leadership

This episode considers what effective middle leadership looks like in the primary school, including subject leadership, handling Ofsted's subject deep dives, and strategic middle leadership.

Headteacher Update Podcast: Managing school budgets and finance

This episode considers how primary schools can balance their budgets, raise funds, and make the most of limited financial resources, offering a range of ideas and tips for income generation and reducing expenditure.

Headteacher Update Podcast: Effective appraisal & performance management

This episode discusses effective appraisal and performance management practice in primary schools. Three experienced school leaders discuss the principles of effective appraisal systems, including elements of a successful appraisal, and tips for setting objectives.

Headteacher Update Podcast: School inspection & Ofsted

This episode tackles Ofsted school inspections, offering practical advice, tips and anecdotes for primary schools – including on subject deep dives – to help you thrive when the inspectors come calling.

Headteacher Update Podcast: Tackling the consequences of poverty

This episode considers the consequences that poverty has for children and their education and offers a range of practical ideas – large and small – for how primary schools can address these.

Headteacher Update Podcast: Creating parent-friendly schools

This episode considers effective parent/carer engagement and asks how we can create parent-friendly schools, with lots of tips for engaging parents in school life, their children's learning, and for building positive relationships.

Headteacher Update Podcast: Year 6 to 7 transition

This episode looks at how we can support pupils as they make the transition from primary to secondary school. The discussion features two secondary schools and two of their feeder primaries. We consider common transition challenges and solutions with lots of tried and tested ideas for transition interventions and activities