Spotting the signs: 10 mental health challenges post-Covid

What kind of wellbeing and mental health issues will some students be presenting with this term and what signs should we be alert for? Dr Pooky Knightsmith considers 10 challenges we are likely to see in the coming weeks and months – and what we can do to help

Why do we educate? What is important? The Covid experience must change how we think about education. In a new book, chair of the Headteachers’ Roundtable Stephen Tierney, says that clarity about the content that needs to be taught must be matched by clarity about the reason for teaching it...
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What is the biggets barrier to teacher retention in your school?

VOTE Pressure of inspection (18%)

VOTE Poor pupil behaviour (5%)

VOTE Excessive workload (59%)

VOTE Poor Ofsted judgement (5%)

VOTE Lack of CPD & training (9%)

VOTE Poor leadership & management (5%)

VOTE Poor pay & conditions (0%)

VOTE Retirement (0%)

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