Editorial Comment: We won't shirk from our duty

We are worried, we are afraid – but we are not shirking from our public service duty. Paul Whiteman praises our heroic school staff for their response in face of the coronavirus outbreak and outlines the further action and support that school leaders want to see from the government
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Where have real-term funding cuts hit hardest in your school?

VOTE Support staff redundancies (38%)

VOTE Increased class sizes (8%)

VOTE Cuts to the resources budget (23%)

VOTE Less CPD spending (0%)

VOTE Narrowing of the curriculum (8%)

VOTE Less pastoral support (23%)

VOTE Cuts to inclusion & mental health services (0%)

VOTE Cuts to extra-curricular activities (0%)

VOTE Cuts to the school maintenance budget (0%)

VOTE Staff salaries (0%)

VOTE Other (0%)

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