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Evidence to Action: The seven Es of effective CPD

There are some common and key themes to effective and successful professional learning and development for school staff. Fiona Aubrey-Smith distills these down to the seven Es of effective CPD...


We are now half-way through this academic year and our wonderful teaching staff have worked tirelessly through some really challenging circumstances to make children’s learning the very best it can be.

As school leaders we will be asking ourselves how we can do the same thing for our staff – how we can make their professional learning the very best it can be.

Fortunately we can draw on a superb synthesis of research evidence, curated by the Teacher Development Trust (see further information) about teacher’s professional learning, recommending that it should:

Few of us would disagree with these points, but in a busy school environment, with lots of different staff needs to attend to, how do we turn this into practical action?

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