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How coaching can support your school's workforce

Unlike training or mentoring, coaching gives people the power to solve issues for themselves. Damian Mitchelmore asks what coaching can do for you, your teachers and your school

Schools are in a hurry to make improvements, and that is hardly surprising. After two years of pandemic-related disruption and with the possibility of an Ofsted inspector knocking at your door, you want a fast and effective way to address your problems.

However, I believe headteachers should stop trying to fix everything themselves.

As educators we are hardwired to solve everyone’s problems, it is what we strive to do every day. But school leaders who give their team all the answers, or who swoop in like superheroes to save the day are not actually doing their colleagues any favours.

School leaders have to put aside their natural “I want to fix everything” tendencies so their staff – and ultimately their pupils – can develop their own problem-solving abilities. Coaching can help make this happen

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