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How has Covid changed our traditional primary school events?

Celebration assemblies, award-giving, parents’ evenings, sports days and more – following a year of disruption and restriction, how have schools adapted their events calendar? Suzanne O’Connell finds out

It has certainly been a year with a difference and one that most schools will be happy to see the back of. Beginning in September with optimism for a return to normality, the Christmas rise in Covid infections soon gave way to the reality of schools’ partial closures once again. We now face a challenging summer term ahead of us.

The unique circumstances this year, have forced many schools to change how they run their events – with many headteachers planning to keep some of the innovations in the long-term.

Parents’ evenings

For many schools, the transfer from face-to-face to virtual meetings has actually been an improvement. Emma Meadus, headteacher of Coppice Valley Primary School in Harrogate, sums it up: “Virtual meetings work so much better than face-to-face for all concerned. They are more efficient and less disruptive for family life. No more waiting in the school corridor for the teacher to be free. Staff prefer them too as they can schedule them over the course of a week.”

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