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Introducing unhomework: Five core principles to improve your homework

How can we generate successful homework without increasing workload? Mark Creasy labels his approach ‘unhomework’ and his learners always complete the tasks. He explains five core principles...

I have long said that homework (home learning) is a Goldilocks issue – for some parents (and learners) there is too much, for others there is not enough, and for some it is just about right. However, there is an easy balance to be struck in generating successful homework without creating an increased workload for teachers.

The problems with homework

Design a poster, create a solar system, complete the worksheet, a book review, find words with __ sound around your house: anyone thinking that the current system does not need overhauling has clearly never seen these homework tasks.

These, to me, are derived from the “we set it because we have to” mentality. I don’t blame teachers entirely, the pressures of expectation, time and necessity are all contributing factors.

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