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Making Sports Day fun for all pupils, including those with SEN

Sports Day can be a daunting experience for some students with SEN. Specialist Jemma Ive offers some tips and ideas for races and activities that will ensure an inclusive event and fun for all pupils

Sports Day should be a day where everyone can join in, but unfortunately for many children with SEN this fun-filled sports day can be completely overwhelming. The noise, combined with being suddenly asked to take part in activities they do not know how to do can, for many, cause sensory and emotional overload.

Below, I have pulled together some tried and tested ideas, both adaptations to current races and new ones that are easily implemented.

A race with a difference

Try something new and instead of bean bags or spoons, have four or five items of clothing laid out one after the other, from hats and glasses to shoes and scarves. At each stage have a mirror, so the student can see themselves. I used to try this, allowing each student to pick one item at a time and look at themselves in the mirror. It was a great race that everyone enjoyed.

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