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If you are planning to create new classroom space this year, it is an ideal opportunity for you to play your part in environmental conservation by building an ecologically friendly classroom, or eco-classroom as it is more commonly known.

However, in these times of limited resources and an uncertain future, many schools are opting for modular classrooms as a time and cost efficient solution to rising pupil numbers, with the added bonus of minimal disruption which is often vital in a busy school already bursting at the seams. So consider, perhaps, a modular eco-classroom which will not cost the earth, either figuratively or literally.

What is an eco-classroom?

An eco-friendly building, classroom or otherwise, should be sensitive to the environment at all stages of the construction process from design and site selection through to the materials and methods used. Of equal importance, it should be sensitive to its occupants in terms of its air quality and acoustics; its access to views and the penetration of natural light.
The building should sit upon its site lightly and unobtrusively, from both an environmental and aesthetic perspective, interfering as little as possible with adjacent tree root systems and the local water table. Wherever possible, construction materials used should be non-toxic, non-synthetic (unless recycled) and from a sustainable source.

The energy efficiency of the finished classroom should be a paramount consideration of the design. High insulation values should be woven into the fabric of the building from its floor to its roof and its walls, windows and doors. The natural elements should be harnessed wherever possible to provide light, heat and water and all fitted appliances should be highly energy efficient.

What is a modular building?

The image most commonly conjured up when thinking of a modular classroom is an ugly metal mobile structure, craned in to the most accessible spot. Too hot in summer and chilly in winter, with too few windows and no guarantee that the view outside won’t be of a brick wall.

However, the advantages of a modular approach to providing extra space, over a conventional build, are undeniably attractive. It generally costs considerably less; is much faster to install; less messy and significantly less disruptive to a school’s day-to-day activities.

It is, in fact, possible to combine these modular classroom benefits with the added advantages of an eco-friendly building and a bespoke design, as provided by the Learning Escape. A modular eco-classroom can be a permanent, comfortable and inspiring building that is good for its occupants, easy on the eye and the budget and kind to the environment.

How could you make use of a modular school building?

TG Escapes have built many numerous eco-classrooms to suit wide ranging needs and requirements. They have built versatile, multi-purpose rooms for nursery and primary school customers; specialised chemistry labs and art studios for secondary schools; staffrooms, offices and teacher training facilities and sensory rooms for schools dedicated to children with special educational needs.

Here are what some customers have to say about what their Learning Escape has meant for their school:

  • “It’s such a calming environment and I have noticed that the students are much calmer and more engaged. They like the structure of the room: low stimulus really works for our Autistic learners.” Eco-Classroom for SEN provision customer
  • “The training facility is stunning. It fits in perfectly with our conservation area, looking out onto our playing fields which are surrounded by mature trees.” Eco Teacher Training Centre customer
  • “The space is really light and airy, quiet and peaceful. It feels a real luxury to use rooms that are spacious but not echoey, bright and light but without glaring sunlight.” Double storey modular classroom block customer
  • “The Learning Escape offered an exceptionally high quality building that fits beautifully within our outside setting, and had the added advantage of being quick and easy to install." Eco-Classroom customer
  • “Our new room has given a total uplift and more professional feel to our adult workforce who now feel valued and nurtured” Eco-Staff Room customer
  • "The clever features of the building have greatly reduced our energy bills and are easy to take care of." Eco-classroom and community centre customer.

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