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Autism: 10 tried and tested strategies

Teacher and author Adele Devine offers 10 strategies for supporting children who are on the autism spectrum in the mainstream school setting

It is rush hour in London and you are about to experience the Underground, for the first time. The train is jam-packed. Smells turn your stomach. The noise of unintelligible people is your “nails down a blackboard” sound. The doors shut squishing you in and the ground begins to wobble violently. Are you on the right train? How long will this ordeal last? You look around for a visual map to count down the stops.

Imagine if arriving at school felt the same as getting on that Underground train. Autism spectrum conditions (ASCs) can intensify sensory experiences, heighten anxiety, and affect communication and social skills. It is up to us to observe, find the cause of anxiety and improve the child’s emotional journey. Every person with autism is different and autism can partner so many other conditions, which will affect learning.

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