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Inattentive ADHD

The hyperactive version of ADHD is well-known and often spotted, but students with inattentive ADHD frequently go undiagnosed, as Daniel Sobel knows from his own experience

When I mention to leaders in the field of education that I was probably undiagnosed ADHD and that I struggled at school, I get an uncanny amount of responses along the lines of: “Oh, me too.”

I remember well that I simply couldn’t concentrate. My GP asked me how I cope now with writing books, articles and running an ever-growing business supporting around 1,000 schools. I tell him that “well, I have two PAs”, which may sound overly indulgent to most but without that support I doubt I could operate as others might.

This is my way of saying that the topic of this article is very personal and I genuinely hope it reaches out to colleagues and has some impact in your school. The hyperactive version of ADHD is well-known and talked about – and thankfully so. This article is about the inattentive ADHD and how it so often, cruelly, goes unnoticed.

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