Pride Month takes place in June every year and celebrates LGBT+ lives and people. Mel Lane advises on how primary schools can use this event to foster diversity, empathy, respect, kindness and so much more…
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Humans are incredibly diverse – in colour, size, likes, dislikes, beliefs, abilities, and so much more.

When we celebrate what makes us different, we send a strong and important message to children that whatever makes them different is not something to be ashamed of, but is something to celebrate.

We know that when we foster diversity in our schools we can dismantle the development of prejudice in children and help them instead to develop empathy, respect and kindness.

Interestingly, the Positive Futures research published last year by charity Just Like Us found that when children are taught about LGBT+ lives, there is also “a significant increase in non-LGBT+ students feeling positive about their future”.

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