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Research and evidence-led teaching: From consumers to creators

Following up their previous article on how to interpret educational research, Dr Fiona Aubrey Smith and Prof Peter Twining urge teachers to shift from being consumers of research to co-creating and sharing their own knowledge and experiences…


Last time out we shared some practical tips about how to source and interpret the latest research efficiently and effectively (Headteacher Update, 2021). But of course, from the perspective of educational research, classroom teachers have a unique position, being immersed everyday within the very space that all this research is focused on.

This brings with it valuable perspectives and insights and a huge potential contribution to the shared professional knowledge-base of all those working within and around the teaching profession. Here’s how…


Dipping a toe in the water

As teachers we invariably work through a traditional reflective practice cycle. We plan a lesson, we live out that lesson in practice, we reflect on that lesson, and we identify future needs for our students and ourselves based on that reflection.

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