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Supporting transitions within the school day

Our pupils may need to handle more than two dozen transitions during a regular school day, which can be more challenging for some children than others, and especially so for those with SEN. Sara Alston advises

It is generally recognised that some children struggle with change and particularly with transitions within the school day. But often this is stated as a fact but with little consideration of what this actually means or how to improve matters.


What do we mean by a transition?

In schools, a transition means a movement or change in the environment, relationships, behaviours, routines, roles, or expectations. We expect our children to manage transitions multiple times a day.

Even in the early years and key stage 1 when children remain in their classrooms for much of the day, there are transitions coming into and leaving school, between activities within a lesson, moving from the carpet to a table, and going to assembly, play, lunch, PE and possibly intervention or other groups.

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