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Top 10 tips for… Your school staffroom

Top 10 Tips
What does a new member of staff think when they first walk in your staffroom? Is it an environment where everyone can find space and inspiration? Suzanne O’Connell offers 10 ideas for you to consider
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Communal space is often difficult to maintain and can easily become unloved and uncared for. Staffrooms can sometimes feel hostile and yet this is exactly the place where staff need to be able to relax, share experiences, and problems – they must feel that their presence is welcome.

Among all the school issues you have to deal with, the staffroom can come low down on the list. So, make sure your staff know you value them by bringing it up the pecking order. Here are 10 ideas:


1, Everyone needs a staffroom

In a small school you may not have a dedicated staffroom or the luxury of deciding where different groups of staff should meet. In a larger school you will have decisions to make about who the staffroom is for. It is customary for teachers and teaching assistants to occupy the same space and it is likely that your lunchtime staff will use the same facilities but at a different time. But what about your cleaning and caretaking staff?

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