What does your induction process look like for new members of staff? And how do you ensure induction is not lost in the busy-ness of school life. Suzanne O’Connell offers 10 tips for getting induction right


1, Does everyone know? It is not only about making sure your new member of staff gets to know who everyone is and what they do, but also ensuring that the new person is recognised and greeted. This means using your communication network to let everyone know. And it is not just their name. Try and include a little profile, not only of their experience but also about themselves. Everyone will be inquisitive about a new colleague and sharing basic hobbies and interests can immediately help them find a friend.

2, Make it a responsibility Effective induction is important. Give someone in your team the responsibility of keeping up with new staff and what they need. When it is a member of teaching staff, it is not so hard to remember what they should be informed about. However, when it comes to the wider support staff, then it can be more difficult to ensure they have received the necessary information and support. This does not mean that this person acts as a mentor to the new staff members, but they are responsible for checking that those with a role in induction have carried it out.

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