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Who is in charge of wellbeing in your school?

Staff wellbeing is the responsibility of everyone in your school – but how? Frances Robertson offers some ideas and reflections

Recently I was invited into a school by a headteacher who was struggling to, in her words, “be responsible” for everyone's wellbeing. She asked me to lead a workshop with the team about wellbeing.

The first thing I did was play some music, to be precise I played Heather Small's “Proud” which contains the lyrics: “What have you done today to make you feel proud?”

This resulted in many of the team moving without any thought about what they were doing. I was then able to share with them the power of dance in making you feel good – it literally raises your feel good or happy hormones. I also shared how a range of studies have found that dancing is one of those activities that may ward off dementia. So if you feel the need to move, you should definitely do so.

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