Headteacher Update's Research Insights articles, published in conjunction with the NFER, offer in-depth, evidence based advice, guidance and best practice covering a wide range of areas relevant to primary school leadership and education. Download the articles from 2019 for free here.

The NFER and Headteacher Update Research Insights articles offer a wealth of evidence-based, best practice and advice covering a range of whole-school and classroom issues.

This pdf download includes the latest articles published under this partnership:

  • The latest news on teacher workload, with an analysis of the results of the government's most recent Teacher Workload Survey.
  • Key factors to boosting teacher recruitment and retention in schools and a look at the government's plans for an Early Career Framework to boost the retention rates of young teachers.
  • A critique of the school accountability system in England, drawing draws on international practice in order to analyse what mooted changes to inspection will bring
  • What the evidence says about reading and literacy, specifically the impact that choosing to read, can have on children's literacy development and the role it should play in the curriculum.
  • How standardised tests, which many schools used as part of their assessment practices, work. To help you get the most out of these tests, we outline some of the key terms and information.
  • How we can best collect and utilise assessment data in our primary schools to raise pupil progress and outcomes.
  • The NFER's on-going research into teacher recruitment and retention issues, including the factors that lead teachers to leave or stay in the profession.
Research Insights articles are published in every edition of Headteacher Update and PDFs of articles from 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012 are also available fromthe Supplements section of this website. To date, 36 Research Insights articles have been published.