The secrets to effective pastoral and academic tutoring interventions in the primary school were discussed by an expert panel during this Headteacher Update webinar. You can watch back for free now.

The hour-long best practice discussion took place earlier this term and offered practical advice, ideas, and tips to help ensure effective tutoring interventions in primary schools.

Whether schools are delivering tutoring via the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) Tuition Partners or their own in-house tutoring programmes, the discussion offered useful guidance and insights.

The discussion touched on a range of topics, including setting up tutoring, identifying pupils, working with families, tutor-teacher liaison, and advice about the structure and focus of tutoring (one-on-one or small group, academic focus, or pastoral).

WATCH THE WEBINAR: Watch the webinar by clicking here. It is free access but viewers must register.

As well as taking questions from the audience, the expert panel discussed key questions including:

  • Where are we at with the NTP and what can schools expect from September 2023?
  • What does effective academic tutoring look like?
  • How can we identify those pupils who would benefit most from tutoring interventions? (Pupil Premium? RAG-rating?)
  • How can tutoring help to close the disadvantage attainment gap?
  • How should teachers and tutors work together? How can we ensure effective curriculum links between tutoring and the classroom?
  • What traits make a good academic tutor? How should tutors and pupils work together?
  • What are the most effective tutoring structures? How long, how often, and when?
  • Who should oversee tutoring in schools? Is a senior leadership overview vital?
  • How should tutoring be presented to parents/carers? How can they support the process? How can we communicate outcomes?
  • How do you monitor and measure tutoring outcomes in order to ensure it is effective?
  • One-to-one vs small group tutoring – pros and cons
  • What does effective pastoral tutoring look like?

This webinar was produced in association with MyTutor. Headteacher Update would like to thank them for their support. MyTutor provides online tuition, matching primary school pupils with fully trained and safeguarded tutors to reinforce class work, boost confidence, and get them SATs-ready.