Teaching mental health

As SATs approach, how can we teach children about their mental health and handling any pressure that they may be feeling? Continuing her therapeutic schools series, Shahana Knight discusses ways to incorporate teaching about mental health and wellbeing into the school week

The SATs are approaching and the pressure is mounting. Often children feel this pressure and struggle to manage the stress and anxiety it can bring. Increasing numbers of children are also struggling with external stressors in their lives outside of school. It is important we acknowledge this and that we teach the children about this and how to manage it.

Attention needs to be placed on helping the children to develop their own awareness, skill-set, strategies and techniques to manage their mental health and wellbeing. As well as helping in the short-term, these are life-long skills.

Children should be able to recognise their own feelings, identify why they are having those feelings, and be aware of the impact of these on their behaviours and decisions. They should then be able to utilise strategies and techniques to calm themselves down, regulate and bring about a sense of control in a short space of time, developing their emotional intelligence and giving them autonomy over their emotions and wellbeing. Here are some practical ideas for your school.

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