The Headteacher Update Podcast offers practical and useful advise, ideas and insights to support the work of primary school senior and middle leaders. Out on the first Wednesday of every month, each episode features a panel of school leaders discussing best practice relevant to the primary phase.

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Headteacher Update Podcast: Supporting vulnerable pupils – ACEs & trauma in the primary school

This episode takes a practical look at how primary schools can support our most vulnerable pupils, including looked after children and those living with trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).

Headteacher Update Podcast: Reading and literacy across the primary school

This episode looks at how primary schools can teach reading well and considers the components of effective whole-school reading (and literacy) strategies, looking at how to ensure that every child leaves primary school a fluent reader.

Headteacher Update Podcast: Getting school governance right

This episode considers what outstanding governance looks like in the primary school and offers tips and ideas for how headteachers can build professional relationships and work effectively with their governors – and vice-versa!

Headteacher Update Podcast: Keeping children safe: Effective safeguarding in schools (part 2)

In the second part of this episode, we speak to three colleagues in primary schools about their safeguarding work, examples of best practice, and useful ideas. We ask how schools can ensure that a culture of “it could happen here” permeates all of their safeguarding work

Headteacher Update Podcast: Keeping children safe: Effective safeguarding in schools (part 1)

This two-part episode offers advice and tips for good safeguarding practice and how we can work to keep children safe. Part one features Headteacher Update’s resident safeguarding expert Elizabeth Rose, including advice on latest trends, best practice, online safety and making referrals

Headteacher Update Podcast: Leading School Improvement & Self-Evaluation

This episode considers what great school improvement practice and processes look like and how we can ensure school self-evaluation work is effective.

Headteacher Update Podcast: The Future of Digital Learning in Schools

This episode looks at how digital learning in schools is evolving in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and what it will look like in the months and years to come – with lots of ideas, examples and suggestions for effective practice.

Headteacher Update Podcast: High-impact CPD

This episode considers best practice for effective CPD programmes and practice in schools, offering practical ideas, examples and advice. We also discuss effective performance management processes.

Headteacher Update Podcast: Effective SEND practice

In this episode, we look at the principles of effective SEND practice, teaching and support in the primary school, touching upon leadership, teaching strategies, family engagement, pupil profiles, and creating a culture of inclusion

Headteacher Update Podcast: Effective Pupil Premium Practice

This episode looks at the principles of effective Pupil Premium work in primary schools, offering practical advice, ideas and guidance. We speak to three schools – in Portsmouth, London and Derby – to find out about their innovations, approaches and their “golden nuggets” of practice.

Headteacher Update Podcast: Curriculum Design – Intent, Implementation & Impact

This episode looks at the principles of effective curriculum design in the primary school, offering practical advice, ideas and guidance in the context of both Ofsted's Education Inspection Framework and general best practice.

Headteacher Update Podcast: The EYFS reforms & early years education

This episode of the podcast considers last-minute preparation ahead of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) reforms in September as well as general best practice ideas, advice and tips for your early years provision

Headteacher Update Podcast: Protecting staff wellbeing across the school

This episode looks at how primary schools can support the good wellbeing of their teaching staff and whole-school communities with lots of advice, ideas and practical tips from our expert guests...

Headteacher Update Podcast: Effective teachers and teaching in the primary classroom

What does great primary school teaching look like? How can we develop effective teachers and teaching in the primary classroom? In this episode, our experts offer practical advice as well as a range of tips, ideas and inspiration for primary school leaders and teachers alike.

Headteacher Update Podcast: Supporting pupil wellbeing

The inaugural episode of the Headteacher Update Podcast looks at pupil wellbeing and mental health – and includes lots of practical ideas for how we can best support young people in our primary schools.